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slumber paarrttyyy! #spontaneous #life #ozm :)) i got to spend time with them still!!! YEEEUY. Next one, @4bstrakt!! 

Also, an old picture of a sunset in sampaguita ave. #MapayaLife hello neighborss @danextbigting lezggo make em ice box cake na 😂😂 WAKE UP (在 Mapayapa Village III)
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@sashimontana greeted this bby happy birthday!!!! thank you raw abi ni ya. 

Hahaha. See you later!! @4bstrakt sashi is 18 now. homegehh 💜💜💜🐧🐇 🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎇🎆

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*crie* :(( :O :( ooohhhmmmmyy ATLAAANNNTTAA. 
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aw… Amen. ❤❤❤ 

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Lol jk. My idol’s back!! But he needs funds for professional training again. CMON PEOPLE :( OLYMPICS 2018 … here we “go” 
#MichaelChristianMartinez #supporthim ugh #PSC -_______-“
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HAPPY EASTER!!! We have the best neighbors ever =pp 

Hahaha mv guys (and Allen & felize), galing ng timing ng pagkaalis nyo, more for us :))))
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woooooohhhhhhhh. Will watch out for how it looks like out here tonight. Happy Feast of the Passover everyone!!! ☺ so much stoke in me. woo Jesus ♥♥♥

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How it looked (through my eyes) #bloodmoon | @jmewerkstatt
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G’morning buddddies!
#nofilter #summerparadise @danextbigting @sashimontana @trishiaquiray trish sama ka today, punta ka saamin! Hahaha  (在 Mapayapa Village III)
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okay… I took a picture of my right hand @dameyellee

-___- wat am i supposed to imagine now
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the kids class in wushu mma today @pimentelluigi @lancepimentel  (在 Crossfit Halcyon)
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Praying so hard about this….. ☝ 2025 to see a Bible Translation Program begun in all the remaining languages that need one. #TAP #WycliffePhilippines #SILPhilippines
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cheeerryyy 🍒🍒🍒 iz hiding behind this bby  (在 Filinvest East Homes)